We specialize in American Quarter Horses. We produce superior performance horses of American Heritage. Our blood lines are proven producers, waiting for skilled hands.

We follow and believe the below equation in order to bring us to success:

PERFORMANCE = Genotype + Phenotype
GENETIC EXPRESSION = Pedigree + Trainer and Environment

Our breeding programs have been demonstrated by Champions since The Early 1700s. Take a look at these genetic characteristics.

Harmon Baker 1907 Miss Chickasha 1952 Docs Hickory 1973

Expedition 1889 Electrix 1887 Electioneer 1868 Abdallah 1823. Turf 1760 Messenger 1780

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Review our existing blood lines and pedigrees. Please click over the blood line to see related history and earnings.

Our proprietary genetic matrix scoring model, developed by Dr. Jerry Caldwell, PhD in Immunogeneticist, PhD In Animal Breading, PhD Texas A&M