About Us

About Us

"Eternity Equine LLC was founded upon Eternal principles, The Scriptures. The company was founded and developed upon principles agreed between MR Hill and Robert Boehm. Scriptures and Horses. MR Hill was the premier horse trainer in Oakwood Texas for more than three decades. MR Hill trained all horses according to the Anderson Method. As MR Hills health declined, he chose to mentor the nephew of Robert Boehm, Gilbert de Jesus Zulueta.

Mr. Zulueta continued the Anderson Method of training and MR Hill’s techniques. Gilbert de Jesus Zulueta’s training of all horses is also based upon Scriptures, especially when horses present new problems, Prayer. These principles were established by MR Hill and are continued by Eternity Equine.

Robert Boehm was trained by Dr. Jerry Caldwell of Texas A&M University in Animal Breeding and Immunogenetics. There, proprietary Genetic Models & Matrices were designed for Pedigree development. These models rely upon horse family lines and genetic principles dating back to Mendel.

"He will instruct you in the way to go, He will guide you with His eye. Be not like the horse and the mule… Psalm 32:8-9"